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Are you plugged in?

Today is a work from home day. You know, those days you want to recharge while also getting some work done without interruption, so you stay home only to find a dozen more distractions (I'm sure the cat needs a bath, right?) and things to do. So far I've had coffee, done some laundry, made a few phone calls, and have been working on some things for the site.

While I was writing, my laptop blacked out. What the...it's plugged in! That sinking, tech-dread feeling washed over me like a wave from the beach I haven't seen yet this summer. As per usual it was something completely obvious. The actual plug wasn't plugged into the power strip. How many times have we made the same mistake without realizing it?

We're plugging along (see what I did there) under the assumption we are totally connected and charging, when all of a sudden we're totally drained and black out. Where's your power source? Are you connected? Are you plugged in?

To what?

"Back to school" is our second shot at a new year. But before we really get on the bus again it's time to really check in. What's giving you the power to keep going? Are you sure your battery is charged?

This summer I spent a lot of quality time with Audible. Listening to books allows me to multi-task, which is a big thing for me. Of the dozen or so books I "read", my favorites were written by Brené Brown, social worker, researcher, and all-around-badass human. I'm not going to recap the multitude of wonderful discoveries she lead me to, but I would like to encourage you to read, whether you pick up a book or start listening. In her book "Daring Greatly" Brown reminds us, "We are hardwired to connect with others. It's what gives us purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering."

Whether you are working in education or the private sector, are retired, working at home, or you are a student, the roll out of those big yellow buses means some shift of season to you. Before we make that shift, take a moment to intentionally seek out who, or what, you are plugged in and connected to. Are you sure that the connection is good? Is it giving you the charge you need or draining your battery? Therein may lie some deeper questions, but keep it simple for now. If you aren't fueled up, seek your source. Sometimes all you need to do is spend a minute reconnecting. If you can't even find the plug that's a different story, not only do you need Brené you need yourself some Jesus!

Something else Brown points out is that we all have a voice narrating and speaking to us. "Talk to yourself the way you would to someone you love." I hope that means kindly, and with compassion. You and your "source" are at the heart of most of your triumph, and most of your issues surrounding peace and success. Not only are we not always kind to ourselves, but we trip ourselves up, drain our own batteries, and set things up in an unsustainable way.

Over the next few days, be sure you are really plugged in.

You, your "device", need to be charged and ready to go for the first day.

Peace, love and Audible voices...

More about Brené Brown:


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