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Being real. Every day.

One thing I can promise is that it will always be safe to be real here. My real today is that I am tired. Real tired! Excited for the year to start! But tired.

I get a lot of, "Are you ready to go back?" comments from folks I don't know well. The truth is we are always back! Summer is somewhat more quiet at my schools, but we keep going long after most of the teachers leave. This summer we held our 4th year of Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten to First Grade Transition Program. Kiddos who might need a little adjustment to kindergarten, or to earn a few more badges before going to first grade attend our five-week program for three days a week. Some of the kids call it "Fun School" which I love. Between the two schools there were six enrichment programs. We also redid a main space from floor to ceiling to create an awesome Maker Space. (Stay tuned for the unveiling!)

Summer is a time for administrative retreats, meetings and updates, teacher and staff interviews, and of course scheduling, planning, organizing, dealing with summer work crews, and creating the year to come in my mind. Today was a combination of all of those things.

We had an all-day intensive to work on Modern Teacher, which is a digital convergence initiative we are working on. It's some heavy lifting in the thought department, and required focus. I felt like a terrible student today! I could barely keep up with the texts and email from teachers, parents and district staff...our poor facilitator had to deal with a whole room of us. She had to feel like the teacher of a wildly unruly class. Luckily everyone has a great sense of humor and we made it through the day having completed some important work.

Tonight was a work-from-home evening to construct our opening day Power Point, answer email, book flight and hotel for an upcoming trip, and organize for the week to come. The work-life balance can get a little tenuous at times so I am grateful for people in my life who understand.

This summer I spent a good deal of time with Brené Brown. Ok, not really with her, but listening to her work. Brené is an author/blogger/speaker/social worker/awesome woman who writes about dealing with things that can get in the way of joy and happiness. Her words have helped me keep an awesome head-space for being ok, if not kind, to myself with things get a little crazy. Check her out here: https://brenebrown.com/blog/

and look into some of her books as well.

To wrap it up, when you see your school administrator on the way back to school, throw them a little fist-bump and remember to be patient. Your joy is their energy. We've missed you...almost every day!

*Everyday photo in honor of Stefanie R., Elizabeth, PA.

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