• Jennifer Meliton

Twas the Night Before School: Part One

The teachers and staff all return to school tomorrow.

I already couldn't sleep last night!

It's a common phenomenon for teachers of all ages. We're just like the kids. We can't sleep "the night before".

Every year I write special poems for the parents of kindergartners and then another for the parents of kiddos in grades one-five. This year I thought I would send one to the teachers as well. I want them to know how pumped I am about the year to come, and the amazing possibilities that lie ahead of us. I love seeing everyone back all together the first day, too. It's like my kids all coming home from a long break, because you know.... they're coming back. After a long break. Admittedly, it is not my best poetry. It's getting late...I've been putting finishing touches on documents, Power-Points and presentations, and I'm stuck on what to wear tomorrow. Principals, I challenge you to write a poem for your staff or students. They love it, and come on, it gives you street cred because it shows you can throw down like a rapper! Ok that might be a BIT of a stretch, but here you go...

Twas the night before school, for all of the staff,

Tomorrow we’ll catch up, tell stories, and laugh.

We’ll hear inspiration and get really psyched,

To get the year going, get going just right.

Rested and tanned and relaxed are you all,

You’ve been near and far, answered traveling’s call.

Soon we’ll be “home” and we’ll be all together,

Ready to lead in all sorts of all weather.

I know some are nervous and some are just geeked

Making sure you’ll be decked out, your outfit on fleek.

Now go get some rest and dust off that alarm,

We’ll pour into the school like the sheep to the farm.

I can’t wait to see all our Friends in one group

And I’ll tell you all this to keep you in the loop….

When they call out our name there will be hoots and cheers,

Let the district all know now, that THIS IS OUR YEAR!

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