• Jennifer Meliton

The diem was carped.

All of the anticipation was so worth it. Our first day back as a district staff was hectic, productive, and made me so excited for the things to come this year. We have a new superintendent and assistant superintendent in our district this year. Dr. K was our assistant last year and is now sitting in "The Big Chair." Opening day looked and felt different. It felt calm and hopeful. Something we needed to feel.

My district has become a leader in re-making learning and with technology. We were mentioned in Ted Dintersmith's book "What School Could Be," which I highly recommend, not for that reason.


This is an Audible link. I think I mentioned a few posts back that I've become a huge fan of Audible, especially in the car and while working around the house.

I digress.

So, even though the district has become fairly well known for our growth what we've been doing, the staff hasn't always felt that. For example, we didn't even know we were in the book. The rubber that meets the road doesn't know where it's taking the driver, but darn if it isn't crucial to getting them where they need to go. No tires, no trip. Today it was like everyone started to get a better view of where things are, and even more importantly, understand the map. Even some of the "Stuff You Gotta Hear Every Year" speeches were unexpectedly humorous (looking at you HR-Department-of-One). As this "Department-of-One" checked out the staff of both buildings gathered together in our awesome new Tinker Lab, I was moved.

I'm not sure if it was the heat talking (we don't have AC in all rooms) or the afterglow of the morning session, but everyone seemed to have a new level of YES WE CAN. I felt it. Maybe it was all of the new faces (due to retirements and bids, and we had to add staff because of increasing enrollment.) Maybe it was the aHA! moment as we clarified our mission with Modern Teacher. I just know at the end of the day I didn't feel relief that it was over, but instead an excitement of what we are about to do.

I hope everyone gets to experience the same feeling of excitement as you step into the fall. Jump into the metaphorical leaf pile with reckless abandon and just love what you do. Find a way. Believe that you can. You can make a difference by doing things differently, creating better customized pathways for learning, and by truly connecting with those you spend your days with.

Either we seize the day or the day seizes us.

*Meme in honor of Sandy Lehner who embedded the saying in the minds of thousands.

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