• Jennifer Meliton

Night Before School: Teacher Edition

Twas the night before school and the teachers are geeked,

Although they have all worked so hard they are peaked.

It was hot and so humid but is now cool and dry,

Tomorrow I hope I see no teary eyes!

The kids are excited, they just know that you,

Will love them and teach them to know what to do.

You’ll teach them the way and you’ll show them the ropes,

You’ll help them reach goals and to dream with high hopes.

Through good times and hard times, and frustrating ones,

You’ll be kind of like mentors, like dads and like mums.

Teaching them content, life skills, empathy,

The end of the year will come fast you will see.

When that time rolls ‘round you’ll reflect on their path,

In reading they’ll grow and in science and math.

In grammar and music and gym and in art,

Computers, Olweus, (this is just a small start).

You’ll see how they learned to be ladies and men,

Just when it comes time to set all free again.

And then just like that they’ll be part of your heart,

Forever and always right after you part.

No matter what happens or what job you might bid,

They always will be “one of your kids”.

Thanks for all that you do to make our school such a wonderful place. I am honored

and humbled to work with each of you.

Hugs, strength, and all the best things in the coming year.


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