• Jennifer Meliton

Twas the Night Before School: Kindergarten Edition

Twas the night before Kindergarten and all ‘round the town,

The children were much too psyched up to lie down!

Last night at their school they had met their new teacher,

Pretty and kind and she couldn’t be sweeter!

Going to school-how exciting how fun!

So much joy to be had, so much work to be done.

With the learning of letters and numbers and rules,

The making of friends, learning everyone’s cool.

The people at Greenock love little ones most!

We know they are nervous; we will be great hosts.

If they should feel worried or sad or feel bugged,

We’ll be there with bushels of smiles and of hugs.

So pick out that outfit and pack that back pack,

Pack up a good lunch and make up a good snack.

Go to bed early, dream sweetest of dreams,

We’ll dream of you and our smiles will so beam!

In the morning have breakfast, get dressed and don’t whine!

If your parents seem worried, remind them, “You’re FINE!”

When you see that big bus do your best happy dance,

Give one last kiss and hug while you have that quick chance.

Hop off of the bus at your school- don’t feel troubled!

Ms. Mel and the teachers will be there with bubbles.

We love you so much and will guide your small feet,

Now close those sweet eyes and drift right off to sleep.

And now a PS that is just for the folks,

This one is sincere and is not a small joke.

We promise that when you are not there with your child,

We’ll ensure any worry will be oh so mild.

We’ll treasure your peanut like they were our own,

From the moment they get there until they are done.

Protect them and teach them and guide them we will,

So don’t be upset, so tell yourself, “Chill!”

Take a few pictures and hold their small hand,

Tell them they’re rockstars like they’re in a band.

So please don’t you worry, don’t fret, gosh don’t cry,

We’ll send them right home with excited bright eyes.

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