• Jennifer Meliton

It happened this week.

During our first full week of school:

-We lived through 3 days of temperatures into the 90's with no air-conditioning. It was so humid and hot that it only felt right to make a popsicle run for the kids and teachers. I may

or may not have also sanctioned an hour of one of hottest days to include "Netflix and Chill" where the teachers took their kids to a space with air for them to relax with an educational video.

-Allergies tried to get the best of a few teachers but they fought back. One of my teachers noticed that she wasn't feeling quite right on the way to school. It turned out that she accidentally took the NyQuil instead of the DayQuil. She never complained despite being with kiddos all day in the heat, and I didn't even know about it until the next day!

-Picture a new kindergartener coming out of the restroom with his outfit disheveled...stopping to get a drink...holding the water in his mouth as he walked away from the fountain...tripping...standing up like a gymnast saying, "I am O-K!" still trying to keep the water in his mouth. He totally didn't. But it was film-worthy.

-Talking to a kiddo having a tough time controlling some behavior today. "Do you even have stayews [stairs] here?" I must have looked confused. "Like stayews [stairs] that go up? Cause that's where my mom and dad put me when I'm bad."

Me: Hmm. Ok, does that work?

Kiddo: Nope.

Me: Good, we don't really have stairs.

-Kindergarteners are funny. We have a new Safety Officer at school, and at recess he gave one of the kiddos a fist bump. Right behind that little dude was another one ready to give his version of a fist bump. His though, was more of a web-slinger version....complete with middle fingers extended to Officer Safety, who was super amused. Same little dude returned my offer for high five today. With his face. I love them so much.

-Shout out to the awesome parent who I learned became a kidney donor for his brother this summer! Way to share the love.

-Lastly, we had a visit from my kiddo who is undergoing chemo and radiation for cancer. He is 6 and he came after the kids left to visit his teacher who is doing home-bound instruction. We tried to low-key it and not make a big deal but..... after he left, his teacher sat with tears in her eyes as she told me how, as she chatted with his parents, he sat at his desk in the classroom just running his hands over the smooth surface, focused on the importance of that desk and his longing to occupy it every day.

I hope everyone had a great week. We're headed off to Boston for the weekend and I will see you back here on Monday!

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