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It happened this week...

* Last weekend (which is technically this week) we were in Boston and found these life-sized Jenga blocks. Totally having these made for the older kids for indoor recess season.

* My district had not one, but TWO early dismissals due to the extreme heat and humidity. The delays were not without controversy, but in the end, the buildings remained so hot and steamy right up to the last minute today, that it was but a brief reprieve from the classroom tropics.

* Two of my kiddos rushed me at the front door shouting "Trick or Treat!" They were so excited to start discussing Halloween. At least they held off longer than the stores, who have been stocked up on Halloween candy since July 5.

* Turns out we DO need those stinkin' badges. Today the three elementary principals sorted out thousands of skill badges that we use in kindergarten instead of grades. Because what little dude was every motivated by a 1-2-3 or an A-B-F or 95%? Our kids earn badges when they learn a new skill and they positively love it. (Post on badging in the works.)

* During our bi-annual bus evacuation practice the teachers at my little kid school were helping all of the kids from both schools evacuate from the back of the bus. As the older kids saw the teacher with me they wanted to fill her in on the details she's been missing over the past year or three. As we helped lift them to the ground it was an on-going string of, "Remember my guinea pig who had surgery? He died!" and "I have a new brother!" then "My dad moved!" and "I'm nine now!" I think we need a reunion day with teachers and their "old" kids. I know I would certainly love one with my old kids! Ok, they are 35 now, but still.......

* My heart is still recovering from talking to one of my kids who was having a terrible day. "What's up? I can see there's a lot going on in that head, Sweets."

"I miss my mom."

This friend had such a heartbreaking story. And there are so many as sad as his. What advice can you give a kiddo whose mom is just-gone? Or who has died? Sometimes there are no words. You just sit with them while they hurt and let them know you are there.

* I love my PTO. I love my PTO board of officers. We talk all the time. So on Wednesday evening when I looked at my watch at 7:15, then asked Scott what the date was...My face was scarlet as I texted our PTO Commander in Chief, "I'm supposed to be sitting with you at a meeting right now aren't I."

"Lol yes," she replied.

I totally, completely forgot about the meeting and am offering a public apology because that never happens. I'm going to cite brain fry from the heat as the reason I spaced it and promise to bring cookies to the next meeting.

* And my moment of the week goes to my little one who came in with a huge hug and pulled back with, "You smell gooooo-ooooood!" Then brought it back in and looked up with big eyes to say, "I love you."

My heart.

They've got to stop stealing it.

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