• Jennifer Meliton

How it ends.

Since I let you sneak a peek into the oft unopened package of elementary Christmas life, I thought I would share what happens when we open the whole schebang... you should know.

First I should tell you that this year was a bit of an anomaly. There are usually about 15 days, or three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year there were 19 days. Four weeks. What's the big deal? It's like an earthquake measuring 6.8 compared to one measuring 7.9. Did you know that after about 6.5 every tenth of a point represents exponential magnitude. So instead of being just a little bigger it's like 100 times bigger. Yes, that's what four weeks is like compared to three. The joy, the tears, the excitement, the disappointments.

Where the grown ups are concerned, there were some epic highs. We had a LOT of kiddos on our Angel Trees this year, and our staff came through to take care of every one of them. Each time a parent came in to pick up the sacks of gifts, there were tears and grateful hearts beyond measure. There are a lot of schools who have so many kids who need help that they just can't take care of everyone in that way. They have to deal with what is in front of them and just pray for the rest. There are schools who just don't. We do. And I'm really proud of that.

Teachers and staff were true angels. They taught right up until the last minute. Ok it wasn't particularly hard core curriculum, but they taught patience in every activity, every craft, every gift they helped their students make. And I'm not talking paper chains, friends. Our third, fourth and fifth grade kiddos were coding the Carveys and Silhouettes to whip up gorgeousness you would rush to buy on Etsy. The teachers were patient ALMOST always, and I kid you not, there were a lot of tears from kids who didn't want to not come to school for 11 days. Fine, there were kids who ran out without so much as a glance...just saying it went both ways. I digress. The teachers also whipped together dance numbers for singalongs, recipes, and so much love. Their friendship for one another was also evident as we headed into the break. They are truly something else.

I'm thinking of all of our kiddos and their families, and our teachers and staff today.

Merry Christmas. And a year of amazing Elemoments to each of you.

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