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A Day in the Life.

*After trying to recall details, I'm confident this represents about 85% of the events of the day. Sharing for no particular reason, other than people often ask what a day is like. Some days I make it to both buildings, but state testing requires more time at my 3-5 building this week and over the next few. I feel terrible not seeing every kid every day, but it happens.

6:15 Daily email with staff absences noting who is covered with a sub and who we will have to cover with available staff. Today there are 2 teachers who will have to be covered in one building.

7:44 Staff member texts they are sick with the flu going around our buildings.

8:00 Return email to teacher at another school where one of my students moved.

8:10 Organize coverage for teachers with no subs.

8:25 Consult via text with teacher from other building about a parent issue.

8:30 PSSA Training presentation for all staff at 3-5 school.

8:50 Kids arrive at other school- check in via text about an issue that had been brewing on bus yesterday to ensure everything was ok.

9:00 Arrival of kids at current building.

9:05 Quick meeting with teacher.

9:15 Visit from superintendent, consult on space being renovated.

9:30 PSSA test prep.

For each of 200 students- there is a test book and answer book for ELA (English/Language Arts) and math. 4th grade has 2 books for science. 3rd grade just one book. Tests are shrink-wrapped in groups of 10 and boxed up. Each answer book needs to have the students name written on it. Each test book has to have a number that corresponds with the student and has to be recorded on lists using only the students PA secure ID. Stickers are in alphabetical order by grade. Unlike homerooms. Which are also split up because many students will be working in a smaller group. If one test number and sticker are off and you happen to miss it-it means lots of redoing. Tests have to be unpacked, unwrapped, sorted, names written on, labeled, grouped, and safely and securely stored, ready to distribute. Leaving the tests=locking my office.

10:25 Secretary brings 4 attendance letters (with 1 magistrate citation needed and 2 parent meetings to be set up), 2 vacation requests and 2 purchasing issues, teacher stops in to discuss small group placement of 2 students, mom of kindergarten student texts about appointment tomorrow. (Yes, I give parents my cell number-I tell them up front if they abuse it I will block them. No one ever has! Not counting the mom who caused me to make my home phone (when those were a thing) unlisted.) 10:50 Issue with a committee that requires phone call and emails.

11:00 Use alert system to send email and text message to parents for PTO meeting and candy pick up. Separate messages for 2 schools.

12:23 Deal with iPad issue at other school.

12:38 Talk to parent about issue with child at other school.

12:47 Return call to parent from other school about medication, and vacation issue.

1:00 Student comes to office to talk about problem.

1:30 Student discipline issue requires helping the student, talking to 2 other students and the teacher involved, calling parents. Writing discipline letter.

1:35 Teacher from other school calls about the AM bus issue, still brewing. Text her that I have kids in office. She will call me back.

2:30 Communicate a schedule change of building usage.

2:45 Parent picking up student asks to talk.

3:00 PTO parent comes to talk about that evenings candy pick-up.

3:07 Student comes to office to report an issue (if I told you the issue you might lose faith in humanity, so it will remain a confidential mystery).

3:30 Last ELA test done!

3:40 Dismissal.

3:45 Meet with teacher.

4:00 Leave school early to go home and let dogs out before 5:00 appointment.

4:30 Talk over the fence with neighbor and kids.

5:07 Arrive for appointment. (Full disclosure I get my eyelashes done every few weeks. I don't get my nails done very often, the lashes are just my thing.)

6:15 Staff member has sad life event, calls off for tomorrow. Communicate with staff to let them know (there will be some duty and schedule shuffling-we also share things like this).

6:30 Walk dogs.

7:00 Return parent email.

7:30 Blog for fun.

8:00 Type up teacher observation.

Number of emails received (not including spam): 51

Number sent: 42

Number of texts received: 20, each leading to conversation of 2-10 exchanges.

Earliest school text: 7:24 AM

Last school text: 8:17 PM

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