• Jennifer Meliton

Getting Testy.

Today is the first day of PSSA Testing in our district. Standardized testing is a huge deal (and also a big business, but that is a whole other post) and is happening around the country this month and next.

My teachers do special things to make testing time a little less stressful. They have family members write surprise notes of encouragement and send in little treats for just before the test, they provide gum for the kids to chew (testing time only!) and take extra time for stretching and yoga. We also sanction extra recess time to blow off steam and make sure the kids don't get any homework this week. I greeted the kiddos as they disembarked from the buses by showering them with "magic test bubbles" from a bubble machine. Even big kids love bubbles!

Testing time is also SO stressful for teachers! I try to make the process as easy as possible for everyone and give them a little treat each day. I thought I would share my poems and treats in case any other principals would like to use them for their staff.

Today's treat was Baked Rainbow Goldfish and here is the poem to go with:

M V P S S A D A Y O N E !

It’s time to start, the day is here

We’re stressing out but never fear.

We’ve prepped and taught and filled their brains

The toughest kids we’ve worked to train.

Sink or swim, it’s hard to tell

Though with so much data we know them well.

The scales will tip one way or the other

For every sister and every brother.

When the kids want an answer, don’t take the bait!

“Do the best you can, just think and wait.

Don’t answer too quick or on the fly,

Take your time-now really try!”

They’ll take all your words, hook, line and sinker

And show the whole world that they all are great thinkers.

Relax, let your mind drift, and think awesome thoughts.

Don’t focus on yucky or get too distraught.

Monitor, watch----but HEY NOT TOO MUCH!

The gold yellow suits might show up and might crush!

Savor some salty and think of great wishes

It’s OF-FISH-IAL Day ONE! Enjoy rainbow fishes.

Happy testing to everyone!

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