• Jennifer Meliton

Testing makes you thirsty.

Day two of testing went well. The kids looked forward to getting off of the bus to "test bubbles" and were all raring to go this morning.

For the teachers today, I laid out a beverage buffet so that they could grab their choice of refreshment to enjoy during the test. Yesterday I checked with the teacher who runs our Cuisine Cart to see what the most popular beverages were. Then I picked up a few personal favorites of some teachers- we have one teacher with a heavy Mountain Dew habit! Here is the Poem of the Day, which is actually a grouping of Haiku.

Day Two. Haiku. Some thoughts for you.

A Testing Haiku.

It makes my head spin.

Watching, walking, willing them

To show THEM their brains.

A Soda Haiku.

Bubbles make us smile.

Carbonation-pep in step.

Hydrate and relax.

A Haiku for Soda and Testing.

Drinks for the morning.

Evening bevs are up to you.

Enjoy one or six!

A Haiku for test entertainment

Haikus are easy.

But monitoring is tough.

Make up your own now.

Yesterday I forgot to add that I allow the teachers to have free jeans days on testing days. Giving everyone a little something makes the time something they look forward to (for the most part!) and not something they dread coming to school for.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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