• Jennifer Meliton

A one, a two, a threee. Day three.

Blessedly, our state has trimmed our testing back a tad, and we now have only three days of ELA (English/Language Arts) and two days of math. Day three means ending strong and packing the tests up (according to state mandated directions

To keep the teachers busy I gave them a task...it's in the poem below!

We Licked The ELA!

Today let’s wrap this section up and put it straight to bed

Now you’ll have a little time to rest your weary head.

Walking round and round your room and round and round again

Has made your pigs and heels feel sore so PHEW! We’re ‘round the bend.

Today let’s see who gets this one, and who will make a guess,

It’s simple and it’s easy and it will not make a mess.

I’ll give you each some suckers and your job will be to find

How many licks to get to the center with just counting in your mind.

A 1-A 2-A 3 CRUNCH! 3 is it for many,

But if this keeps you busy then it is worth every penny.

Email us your answer when you get to that sweet tootsie

Then treat yourself this weekend to a pedi for your footsies!

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