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Blog Shift.

One of the things about writing a blog is finding your topic. If you're not careful your blog can get a little "Dear Diary". I've decided to focus this blog for a specific

group of folks who need an inside look at education. Over the past few years I've had the opportunity to work with many pre-service teachers. There are several "levels" before you take that first step into the classroom and start your first few years.

* I think I might want to go into education.

* I am going to school for education about education.

* I'm starting to get into schools to observe and get my feet wet.

* Pre-student teaching.

* Student teaching.

* I'm substitute teaching and dying for my own classroom.

* I have an interview!

* I had an interview and didn't get the job.

* I have my own classroom- now what?!?!?!?

* I thought I knew what I was doing but now I feel like I have no idea.

There are a few other groups of readers who will love to stay tuned.

* Anyone who works with the above groups.

* Anyone who wants to know something about the above groups.

There will still be lots of stories about school and the things that go on in them, but please pass this on if you know someone who is starting their journey. There is SO much to know, and not enough of the real stuff is shared with those who need to know it.

On with the show!

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