• Jennifer Meliton

For when you move...because you will.

Moving takes many forms. You move into a new school to student teach, then you move out. You move out of your college housing and into the world. Out of your parents house, away from your roommates, into an apartment, into a new job... every time you move there are lessons learned that you tend to forget. Until you move again.

Last week my daughter, two dogs and two cats moved out of the house and neighborhood I've called home since the mid-1990's, and I was reminded of so many things I had forgotten. I will unpack (pun intended) these things in the next few posts.

Lesson one: Change is good but transition is hell.

Lesson two: "It's ok if your best friend breaks your commemorative trophies, or glasses from proms or formals," or "don't be a hoarder."

Lesson three: You take yourself with you.

Lesson four: Never say good-bye.

Lesson five: "It's a crap-shoot," or "all that glitters may or may not be gold."

I'm writing from the comfort of a deep new sofa with my old dogs beside me. It's been scary, joyous, stressful, tiring, and so worth it. No matter what what change you are going through, or what big ones you have laying in wait, there are no shortcuts. Moving into or out of anything means change, and change comes with a ton of unpacking both mental and physical. In the end though, change will always teach you something valuable, along with one eternal reminder...no matter where "home" is, there is nowhere like it.

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