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Happy struggle bus.

Ciao bellas! It's been a minute. So much has been going on! I hope everyone is having a peaceful summer and that you've already made some lasting memories. What do you want to be when you grow up? I've been in such a transitional time of late and the end square seems to keep moving. Can you identify?

The move has gone well. It's a storybook setting in a wonderful town and it's just so home. The commute to work is now at least an hour vs my 17-23 minutes of the past 25 years. (Also how is it TWENTY FIVE? I'm going into year 27 and certainly I still AM 27 so how is that even possible???) Is this the job I will retire from? If not what will I do next? What else would I be?

Last week we visited my daughter who is studying in Florence, Italy this summer. I love Europe and am convinced that without certain immediate family in the US that I would live there. Seeing my bebe living la vive Italia was mind-bendingly beautiful. The experiences she's gained for her future have been irreplaceable, and seeing her so successfully navigate her temporary world there was all I could ask as a mamma. I know that she and the girls are all looking at the myriad of opportunities out there and wondering what will come next. Next for them is Lalapalooza in Sweden, shopping in Paris, and a final stop in Ireland. Talk about embracing opportunity!

Everything relates to something we can share with kids. Every experience is valuable even if you have no idea where it's going to take you. The thing I have learned is to just make a move, even if that move is to decide to stay where you are, there is always something else you can do. Recreate, re-do, remove, rethink. I wasn't sure where this post would go; I've been wanting to write for the past few weeks and have thrown around so many topics in my head that I thought it best to just start writing. And here we are!

The point? Do something. Make the move, take the trip, write the blog. If the job you are looking for doesn't happen, recreate the one you have. If you're dying to get into a school and it's not happening, just don't lose hope. The love for kids will take you somewhere even if you have to change your path for the moment. But you have to shake yourself up. You are so much bigger, so much more than you think. Find a way to travel, even if it's to a neighboring state, so you can see the infinite possibilities that exist in the world. Your journey will make sense to a student someday and will help them forge ahead.

Once you've hit a new destination, stop and look around by reflecting. I can't say enough about journaling! Not only does it help you organize and clarify the jumbly thoughts tearing around that head of yours, it also gives you something to look back on so you can recall where you've been. Believe me, as the years stack up you start to forget some of the things you swore you never would so it's good to have a "note to self" reminder.

There is always something you can do. Just do something, learn from it, and see what comes next. Ciao!

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