• Jennifer Meliton

The Blog is Back!

After a summer hiatus, the blog is back! It's time to start telling stories and sharing perspectives so keep an eye out for some punchy posts!

Our year fell short of a start right out of the gate due to an issue with our busses. Monday we will be up and rolling though, and I can't wait to see the little ones' faces.

Not going to lie, the unexpected two days of preparation were a welcome windfall. It's not often you are granted such a breath, and we all feel calmed and ready. At least for the moment!

My schools have been under construction over the summer, we moved, my daughter spent most of the summer studying overseas, we went to see her in Italy... there is much to report.

For now I'd like to know...what is on your mind as we begin the new school year? Worries? Fears? Anticipation? Excitement? Let's hear it! Share your response and be entered into a contest to win an Amazon Gift Card!!! Share your response by August 30, 2019.

On we go!

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