• Jennifer Meliton

Dear Parents,

After a summer of sweet and silly memories, it's time to let go of the sticky fingers and put your little one on the bus. Under all of the excitement I feel that little part of your heart that cracks as they get older. I understand more than you know. And here's what I promise.

I promise that we will meet your child with a hug so they feel welcome, and that there will always be hands to hold so they feel safe. We will greet them with bubbles and laughter so they feel happy. If they are worried with tears, we will acknowledge their fear and help them work through it so they feel strong.

I promise we will make sure they feel like they belong. There will be growing pains, and we will soothe them with you. We will work together to make sure your child learns how to learn, and will give them important work to do. They will play, they will create, they will have friends.

I promise that we will think about safety all day long, to the point of irritation. I promise I will protect your child like they are my own. Because when they are with me, they are mine, too. I will walk with you through difficulties in the best interest of your little one. You will have your own set of hard times, and we will be here for you. We will help. We will be confidential. I promise it won't always be easy, but it will always be worth it.

Don't cry on the first day, even if you really feel like it! Wait til the bus pulls away and then have a moment. But don't take too long! You don't want a miss a single minute of joy. And school is joy.

See you soon!

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