• Jennifer Meliton

Twas the Night Before School

Every year I love to create back to school poems for the teachers, kids, admin team, and definitely the kindergarten parents. Here is the 2019-2020 Kindergarten edition. Have a great year everyone!!!

Twas the night before school in Mt.Vernon and Greenock,

Some kids were nervous and some were so stoked.

Some parents were psyched for the school year to start,

Some were so nervous, would the busses depart?

The teachers are ready, Ms. Mel a bit crazy,

I promise that no one at all has been lazy!

Even though some spaces still are not done,

The classrooms are ready for learning and fun.

This year will be epic and straight off the chain.

We’ll play in the sunshine, and learn in the rain.

The year will progress and get snowy and chilly,

The kids will have great times, some sad and some silly.

We’ll do it together, the kids, you and me.

Things will be super, I promise, you’ll see!

Your babies are growing, they’re getting so big,

They’ll always be yours though, stay strong and don’t wig!

The morning will come, and with hugs and with kisses,

Send them to us, with smiles and good wishes.

We’ll greet them with smiles, and with hugs and some bubbles

To make sure they forget any worries or troubles.

Here’s to another great school year together,

We’re here for you all in each kind of the weather!

If things go so smooth, or if they go bumpy,

Here’s to the best 2019 and 20!

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