• Jennifer Meliton

Full Circle

There have been many full-circle moments in my life. I vividly remember presenting a workshop at the middle school I attended, and finding myself reflected back in the same full length mirror I had as a cringe-worthy adolescent. This week my daughter had one of the best full-circle moments I could dream for her.

Growing up, my daughter Alexa had definitive style opinions before she could voice them. I would hold up two dresses and she'd immediately point to the one she favored. Her style went through multiple iterations. We had the era of dresses only, a few years soft pants, the season of trendiness, and the decade of "I Like It But I Wouldn't Wear It."

A reserved child, I wasn't sure how she would fare on our first New York City excursion when she was five. As we stepped out onto Avenue of the Americas though, I could feel the vibes pouring off of her. She was home. These were her people. She hailed her first taxi on that trip, learned why Saks Fifth Avenue was so amazing, and declared Tavern on the Green as her favorite restaurant.

She was seven when Project Runway first aired. We watched every episode and obsessed over challenges, along with the comings and goings of our favorite contestants. For her 8th birthday we threw a Project Runway birthday party at a studio with a runway and footlights. Teams designed dresses from toilet paper and paper towels and walked their design down the runway.

It was no surprise when she decided to become a fashion major at one of the top fashion schools in the US. Now a junior, Lex has been waiting on pins and needles after applying for dozens of internships in NYC, and holding out for one in particular. Full circle.... she will be spending the first half of 2020 with Christian Siriano. I can't imagine how surreal it will be for her to spend everyday with His Fierceness, seeing the faces of the names we've thrown around for years like we knew them.

When I visit it will be hard not to hardcore fan-girl the whole time. But I will. For her. Seeing her in her element, with her people, coming full-circle will be the 360 of a lifetime.

Totally. Fierce.

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