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Over the past year I have read hundreds of articles, posts, blogs and books about gratitude. Sometimes skimming, others reading more intentionally, each piece made me think about gratitude in some way, but I have fallen short of creating a gratitude practice.

This post jumped out to me this morning. Karl Staib, author of Bring Happiness, opens his post with honesty rarely heard in December. "It's been a heard month," he shares, but he goes on to focus on the some nitty-gritty gratitude. I heard someone point out that everyone you meet has a story that will stop your heart, if they could take the time to share it, and if we would take the time to listen. While Staib didn't share that story in his post, I'm sure that he has one that took him on his journey to gratitude.

I'm not sure why it struck me today, because it's been a hard month for me, too, but his words struck me in the forehead, right on the third eye that should be, but isn't practicing yoga at the moment. All I had to do was look around and think with a gratitude mindset. I felt like Dorothy when she saw Oz in color for the first time. Case in point? That's one of my puppers, literally as I write.

Right now I'd like to encourage you to read a few more lines, then stop. It'll only take a minute. Put aside whatever is bothering you for a moment and look around at your surroundings. Consider your company and how they bring joy to your life. If you have a few extra moments, get more granular and think about how these gifts came to you.

We have so many gifts that we take for granted each and every day. As 2019 and an entire decade close out, I'm pledging to get real about recognizing the brilliant elements of my life.

Join me.

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