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Kid Christmas-2020 Edition

I'm happy to announce the following:

* There was no Santa-gate this year, the kind kids kept the magic secret.

* Everyone made it into the Nice Party.

* The Elf population went way down this year (although bi-partisan lines are clearly drawn in the #ElfLivesMatter campaign).

* All jammies on Jammie Day were conservative.

* The elementary employees in our district adopted and helped almost 100 children and families in our neighborhoods this year, more than ever.

That being said, I'd like to share a few notes for consideration.

* Santa has an official toothpaste. It's Crest in case you were wondering. Corporate America, you just went on the naughty list.

* Speaking of...could holiday commercials BE more irritating this year? (Except the Eat n' Park Tree, of course.)

* While the presents under our Angel Trees were bountiful, that means more families in our neighborhoods than ever needed help this year.

* The sleigh hauling our food drive load was the lightest ever, and our monetary donations were exceedingly low.

I hesitate to offer political commentary on any matter. Not only in school or online, but IRL (okay Boomer, that's "In Real Life" #JustBrokeMyOwnRule). Growing up there were a few things you just never talked about, including politics and finance, and in today's climate, our nation is so divided that no matter what issue is mentioned from Trump to Trolls, there are Civil War-like camps in place. Suffice it to say that things aren't great everywhere. Whether through circumstance or as a result of bad choices, some people in our neighborhoods are seriously struggling. Although it could easily be the commentary, that's not it.

Kindness wins. That's my bold claim. That's my commentary. Not everyone believes, not everyone cares that not everyone believes. But in the end, when there are people who are in need, there are people who will be there. And that is my message. The little ones are learning how good it feels to put your arm around someone who is sad; to take a tissue to someone crying. #BeTheKindKid is a huge movement. #LearnFromTheKids could be another. It gives me so much hope and fills me with such warmth to see how the older kids empathize with one another and reach out with compassion. How much nicer our world would be if we could learn from those tender hearts. Vulnerability, the ability to experience pure joy from the smallest things....

This year if your heart is sad, there are many who will hold you. If there is something you need, there are friends who will help you get it. If your table is sparse, there are folks who will help fill it. It happened over and over this year in our schools, and I was lucky enough to be part of it.

Wishing you the happiest 2020.

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