• Jennifer Meliton

Chapter IV

I'm taking "Pandemic" out of the title. Because it's getting too scary.

Too real.

And every day really is like a chapter.

There are almost 160,00 cases now, but as I look at the site tracking all of this it doesn't even show the cases that have been announced here in Pittsburgh, or in a neighboring county. And a few minutes ago my step-daughter texted that a 50 year-old woman in New Jersey died today. She was otherwise healthy.

The liquor stores are about to close in at least part of Pennsylvania, most stores are cutting their hours. CNN is reporting things about "asymptomatic transmission" saying that people who aren't sick might be unknowingly spreading the virus. It's only the internet. It's only a theory. It's still so unreal. There is absolutely nothing in our past to which we can compare this, other than books and movies. Fiction. But this is decidedly real.

My daughter flew home from New York and picking her up from the airport lifted such a load from my momma shoulders. Kent State will have all online classes for the rest of the semester, and the campus is empty. It's the 50th anniversary of the May 4 shootings and they won't be there to honor it. She's planning to go back to NYC as soon as she can to resume her internship. For now I will relish having her right here with us.

Since it's the weekend it doesn't seem so unusual. I still have to go into work on Monday so that won't even feel so strange. I think even a week won't seem that strange. Much after that and it is going to start to really feel...odd. And there is no end date. That's odd, too.

I hope you are all well.

Share how you are doing, what you are doing.

Be well.

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