• Congitive Dissonance

Chapter V

When we learn new things, our brain is connecting the things we have learned to the new information. If what we are learning doesn't jive with what we know, it is called "cognitive dissonance". But what is it called when your brain keeps trying to connect to what it knows and there is nothing with which to connect? I can forget about *this* for a time, and when my brain sparks it starts thinking about what I know. How I know it's all going to be fine. And I do know it's going to be fine, I just can't connect the dots right now.

My Lex forgot some things in NY so we went out to get them today. "Crowds" were very small. We picked up some things so that we could do a few projects at home. She uses color; I use words. She loves to paint and the canvases are blank, ready to be filled. Within an hour of returning home I felt guilty for having gone too many places.

It looks like I'll have my opportunity for penance, and that the self-quarantine screws are tightening. New today, gatherings of over 50 are being restricted. People have been asked to cancel everything from weddings to conferences until the end of May. Scott and I are planning a June 27 wedding....

Also new today: the state stores (Pennsylvania's state run liquor stores) in Eastern PA are closing and there are runs on those here. Our bar is stocked, so that's once place we can avoid! The Las Vegas strip will join Broadway in going dark now. Bars and restaurants are to close pretty much everywhere. Non-essential businesses closing- nail and hair salons, spas (noooo!),

There are many rumors.

Schools will close for the rest of the year. (Nothing to confirm this.)

The President will invoke the Stafford Act and impose quarantine on all Americans. (Researched and really not even the correct interpretation of the act.)

Today for the first time I really started to get freaked. Not scared, just overwhelmed at the fact that this is so huge and there is just so much that we don't know.

Where are you?

Where is your head?

How is your heart?

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