• Jennifer Meliton

Chapter VI

Today was the first day of being home on a work day. We answered mail, had meetings via Google Hangout, and waited for details. We will be going in tomorrow for the morning so that people can come in to pick up some things they need. Parents need to pick up materials for kids who were absent on Friday, teachers may need a few things from their rooms. I want to bring my plants home.

Things that are new today:

The stock market, which has been tanking on the daily over the past week, dove about 3,000 points today, the biggest drop since "Blue Monday" in October 1987.

The President, who to date has greatly minimized the epidemic, has called for more action and said that life might not get back to normal until July or August.

He called for no gatherings of more than 10 people.

Our county is closing most businesses. All malls. No dining out, take out only.

Sports teams have paused or canceled seasons.

Movie theaters are closing indefinitely.

Non-essential travel being discouraged.

Schools in 35 states are closed and they are talking about them not opening for the rest of the year.

Primaries for the Presidential election will reportedly be pushed back.

The stress is building as we look for answers and face a tremendously uncertain future. I feel like we could do better if we had some picture of what we were really facing, but we don't know very much.... the virus is very contagious. There is no vaccination or cure, and no one can really tell us, other than to guess based on what other nations have already faced.

Things I wonder:

Will we go back to school this school year?

Will we be able to have our wedding?

Will anyone I know get sick? Or worse.

How will this impact our kids?

How will it impact my family?

Tomorrow I'll try to go lighthearted.

We need some levity! How are you bringing that into your days?

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