• Missing Leprechauns

Day VI

Happy St. Patrick's Day? I walked through my schools today and thought about it only after looking at the bulletin boards. Usually we'd be decked in green and hearing about Leprechaun traps.

It was nice to get out of the house today and be in school. Administrators went to the buildings for three hours so that we could get some materials to parents of kiddos who were absent last Friday when we announced closure. We passed didn't come within six feet of each other. Teachers popped in for 5-10 minutes to pick up some passwords or materials. The buildings were being deep cleaned, which is typical of summer, but having all of the work up on the walls and feeling the late winter chill, it was decidedly different. Everything seems off kilter. Wearing sterile gloves at school...definitely off kilter.

New today:

The stock market is back up a little.

Things seem a little less frantic than yesterday.

More cities are talking about sheltering in place for a period of time.

All of the PA liquor stores are closing tomorrow.

It's no longer weird when things are cancelled, it's weird when they are not.

The reality of just being home is starting to set in.

Today I wonder:

Will our school year just be cancelled? What will that look like?

What will it look like when we go back? What will be different?

How will we know when it is ok to go back to "normal"?

How will people be changed?

I did my first story time on Twitter this evening, I hope the kids like it! Parents are on the struggle bus having the kids home all day and having to teach them!

One day at a time.

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