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Yesterday was actually a hectic work from home day. We tried to get as many of our staff members as we could together on a video conference to check in. It was nice to see their faces. Most looked concerned. I know they were hoping for more information than I was able to give.

I woke up this morning feeling bleak. So much of the country is still living like nothing is wrong. Spring break crowds in Florida are huge. Americans can't be told what to do, we just can't. The numbers are soaring. I looked back at my first Pandemic entry, a mere week ago, and there were just over 20,000 cases outside of China. Now we are at 222,000 still with just 81,000 in China.

My biggest question now is this- how will we know it is ok to get back to what used to be real life? What will it have to look like? Will the numbers have to go below a certain threshold? Will we have to have a vaccine or treatment? Those things are at least 18 months away on any scale. What if we start to relax and a second wave comes through? In short...how long will be isolated?

There are so many things to rethink.

So many things to consider.

I'm so worried about my kiddos at home who didn't feel happy about school being called off. I'm worried about parents who are struggling. I'm worried about the sanity of my staff as they continue to navigate.

I miss the kids terribly.

We've missed out on so many lost teeth, so many stories..... need to find a way to share those. Maybe I'll put something together today, I have some ideas. Padlet is great for that.

Many parents reached out yesterday after I sent a check-in email blast. They are thankful to have the connection to school. Our teachers are going above and beyond, working through the evenings to be in touch with parents. They are the best.

Here's to a more positive day today and tomorrow and the days after that.

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