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We wrapped up our first week at home yesterday, and everyone was exhausted. When we started, we were going full force with digital instruction, as if every day was a day at school. We learned that it is much too much for kids and parents. Parents are trying to work from home and establish a new normal with their families, and having to instruct and manage the work and learning of the kids has been difficult. Many families gave up before even trying, and I worry about those families the most.

I started reading a story live on Twitter to the kids every night. They seem to love it, and I feel like I get to connect with them. I miss their faces, their voices, and their hugs.

We're getting in touch with as many families as we can personally, and trying to help them if there is something they need. It's very hard because we are all isolated, and we can't come in contact with one another.

My mind still can't wrap around this.

I know what is happening, at least I think I do. I understand that we are going to have to not go out for a pretty long time. But since there is no end in sight, it really is like a war against an invisible enemy. The healthcare providers on the front lines are reporting shortages of essentials like masks, gowns, and eye protection. I talked to a friend in Chicago who is a nurse, and she said they are just doing things so differently to try to help everyone at her hospital endure for the long haul. We learned today that Corona is killing twice as many men over 50 than women.

My daughter and I went to the store today and it was a strange mix of normal and surreal. It was normal to be in a store we were familiar with, but completely strange to hear announcements about some purchases being limited (only 2 bread, milk and paper items)....about hours and days that will be reserved for healthcare workers, the elderly, police and emergency personnel. It was something I've only read in novels.

Here in our house we (by "we" I mean my dear fiancee, who handles those big things) are installing a hardwood floor in our dining room and are planning on working on some home projects here and there. My projects are deep cleaning, organizing, decor, closet purging..... we have only lived in our house for about a year so nothing is out of control, but there is plenty to do.

Overall, the mood is fairly light. No one can comprehend or appreciate the depth of the situation, because so much of it is unknown. Folks are making memes, being fun, making the best of things. The initial onslaught of hoarding seems to be over... perhaps the hoarders are all stocked up and tucked in for the duration.

Questions I'm thinking about today:

How long will we have to stay away from our jobs?

What will happen when this is all over?

Will there be some kind of international celebration?

How will life change?

How will school change?

Will this make things better? Pollution, nastiness, selfishness...

For today, we continue to live and learn.

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