• Melancholy

Day 11

There is so much to say, yet nothing new.

The numbers keep growing

We are still inside.

Just more of everything each day.

In two days time there 70,o00 new cases. Allegheny County is on lock-down as of 8.oo this evening. People can only go out if they work in an essential, life-sustaining business, or to get food or volunteer. We need volunteers to make masks for medical personnel.

It's been one week; seven days of staying home. And I don't see an end. It's going to take months for a cure or vaccine, and unless this virus just burns out we can't just get back to life until then. I seriously wonder if life as we knew it is just....gone.

We can do this, but it's truly like a bad dream.

There are so many beautiful things though... neighbors are coming together even though we can't be near each other. People are using the internet for good.

I'm usually not such a pessimist.

This is the weirdest thing. Ever.

It's ok to be real and share that. It has to be.

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