• Silver Linings

Day 12

This morning I am up before anyone else, and am sitting in the early light of the morning with just the sounds of the pets snoring and purring. The birds are awake outside, singing unaware but rejoicing in the still. Yesterday I was feeling so down overall, so I thought I would start the day by finding silver linings.


I find that I am taking more joy in a moment of peace. In a house of four people and four pets, there is always something going on. Lots of working from home sounds, the news, music, barking, meowing... moments like this bring me more bliss than they did only a few weeks ago.


It was hard for me to get on a writing schedule, but there is now time for me to write, reflect, and practice something that I love on a regular basis.


According to published satellite images, pollution levels around the world have significantly dropped from March 1-today. I think the birds can tell.


I love having my family around me, and the pets are in a state of bliss having everyone home all day. Ok, bliss may be a strong word. They are exhausted. And probably getting too much attention. And grey cat is wondering when she can have her house back again. But overall I think they love it.


Going without he 100 mile round-trip commute means a few things. Filling up the tank every 4 days=$35 each time. Turnpike tolls=$40 per week. So in one month that is almost $300 just for that. Add in things we buy for kids, lunch at the deli (I'm sorry deli!!!), and work related shopping during the month...there will be some savings as long as we are out!


This morning I was up with no alarm. Last night I went to sleep when I was tired. That's an amazing accomplishment in my life. I feel great.

Starting the day off focusing on things to be grateful for, I already feel better. It's going to take intentional work for us all to stay positive and get through this. It shows how very spoiled we are, that our lives have made so cushy, we are looking at having to stay inside as "something to get through". The front lines may seem easier, but they are still the front lines. The people who make our world go 'round will hopefully begin to get the respect they deserve.


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