• Normal.

Day 13

Yep. Lucky 13.

Today feels actually normal.

The commute was a little rough this morning. There was a two cat pileup in the foyer but once I hit the kitchen it was smooth sailing.

Are the rest of you getting there, too?

Are there parts of your day that you are enjoying in this newness?

I enjoy having my pets around all the time. They are 13, so I love having all the time I can with them. Hearing their little snores is so sweet. I like doing one thing at a time for the most part. Things are busy, but manageable. I really like going to bed when I am tired, and waking up without an alarm. Unless you count the dogs as an alarm, which you really should. They know exactly two times. 6:40 AM and 4:30 PM. Wake-up and feed-me, respectfully.

What are some things you miss?

I miss a good romp through T.J. Maxx or Marshall's. I miss being able to get a pick-up time at Giant Eagle. I miss being stressed over wedding planning, because we aren't even sure it will be able to happen. I miss being able to call my best friend, who lives 10 minutes away, and planning to meet her at Starbucks or Target.

One thing I never thought I would say I miss is my commute to work. An hour each way, it is sometimes exhausting. But I listen to books or podcasts for two hours each day, and I have not been. I miss it so much. An easy thing to change.

Pedicures. Enough said.

So many new things to love...those are just a few of those I miss that are sticking out today. What do you miss?

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