• Waiting for the shoe.

Day 14

No one I know has "it" at this time. At least that I know of. I'm waiting for that to occur. The numbers are growing so exponentially. I know that it's not fatal for everyone, in fact most people recover. But the unknown, and the stories being told are so frightening.

The end of life in general looks completely different now than it would have a month ago. When someone passes away now, there is no funeral home visitation. No flowers or wind chimes.There are no comforting stories, one after the other. The stages of saying goodbye have been decimated. Even those facing the end of life are left to do so in isolation now. That touches me more than anything. This morning I saw a story of a World War II Veteran who developed the virus, and died alone. His whole family is now ill, and they couldn't say goodbye to him. The levels of life they were cheated out of are so deep.

We all have this picture of the stages of our life. What work will look like until we retire. What retirement will look like and what our senior years will hold. Now those scripts are being rewritten and it requires a huge mental shift.

Today is going to be a nice day and we all need it. It's been gloomy, chilly, rainy. Seeing the sun and feeling some warmth will give us some hope that things are going to warm up and not feel so isolated or sealed up.

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