• A good day.

Day 15

Today was a good day for me, a bad day for the world.

It's possible to have good days like this, even among the sad things happening.

We lost more people to the virus in the US today than any other day. We are now the epicenter of the virus, and there is no sign of it slowing. I have been trying to watch less of the news. There are some politicians I trust and some I don't. Local folks (let's say a mayor) tend to have a much better, and more believable grasp on things than a national politician (let's say someone at "the top").

But life continues to go on.

I woke up with no alarm and did some writing. There was a beautiful sunrise and it was warm enough to open the windows, which was wonderful. Working through virtual meetings isn't bad, but when you can sit on the deck in the sunshine they are even better.

It's been nice to share some of our district's experiences with other schools across the country who aren't quite as far into digital convergence. We have worked with a learning platform called eSpark for many years, and they have been a great partner for us, so I am happy to share.

We began 1:1 device implementation with iPads about eight years ago, and have grown exponentially with digital and personalized learning. It was not easy; there was a huge amount of work, struggle, and learning associated with the transformation, but it brought us to a point where moving to digital instruction was honestly fairly simple.

So three webinars and many phone calls and messages later, it was time to end the day. I baked fresh bread and made a healthy dinner, fed the fam, went for a walk around our loop, and read my nightly story on Twitter.

Fun fact. I read the whole story with something in my teeth. Can you see it the whole time? Nope. Was I embarrassed as heck? Yep. I left the video up and made a comment on the post about living through life's embarrassing moments. It's a great lesson for the kids, right? It's also a massive note to self to check my teeth before recording! I mean what if I run for President one day? That video is out there!

But still.... today was a good day.

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