• I'm a meme.

Day 19

There is no escape from media. If we aren't watching news coverage or working online, we are binge watching Netflix of Hulu. And nothing puts the social in our media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok... it's the unintentional quarantine-mate we walk around with pretty much constantly.

Here was my reaction to a meme I saw last night: "Stages 1-9 at about 20 minute intervals."

That about sizes it up. One minute I'm completely fine, answering email, being in a Zoom-conference, washing dishes... they next I'm down the rabbit hole looking at statistics and imagining the worst. A funny meme will get me laughing, I'll text it to someone, or someone texts me something, and I go back to work.

Then I hear a grim reminder like, "This is a marathon and we are only in mile one." Now I'm down another road. There are hospital tents set up in Central Park. Convention centers have been made into make-shift hospitals. Ice rinks and freezer trucks are being used as morgues. Military hospital ships flank the east and west coast.

Even the weather can't decide what to do. In the past 4 days the temperature has been between 40-78, and the winds about as strong. It's rained, it's sunned, it's stormed. And it feels the same in my head.

Granted that there is a part of me relishing being "in". I don't mind being home, doing homey things, working from home. In fact I love it most of the time. I just hate not knowing what is really going on out there. That we are in danger. That there is so much we can't control. That there are people who think this isn't happening and that things will be fine. And what will it be like when we can go out?

There is this, too. I haven't had my hair colored in omgmygreyisaninchlong weeks. I'm bombing my home exercise plan, even though we are out there walking every day. Today I just don't feel good.

I'm going to put tech down for the rest of the night. I feel like I'm getting sucked into an alternate reality! I know I'm not the only one in a digital overdose. It's too easy to answer mail and texts for all of the waking hours.

Love you guys and talk to you tomorrow.

How are you hanging??? By the minute? You're doing great. We can do this.

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