• For real.

Day 20

I feel like I've been kind of ranty the past few days.

Apparently I have company! I think we're all getting to that stage.

There are so many tragic and horrible things going on right now that I honestly feel I have nothing I should be complaining about. All suffering is relative, and at the moment here is where my stress is.

It's in 134 emails received. 61 sent.

Texts with 26 people/groups.

19 phone calls.

4 Zoom sessions.

That's not a lot to be honest. Some can just get deleted, some go on the schedule, some require just a quick response. Some require very thoughtful responses. Some are to complain, some to ask a question.

But buried in one email from a parent who works in healthcare was this one line.

The news really does no justice to the actual reality of this virus.

Think of the hours of news you have engaged in over the past few weeks and let that sit for a minute.

There are still plenty of folks who want to travel though, especially for Easter, after which I think we will see another spike, and we will be set back again.

When you are pregnant there are a thousand decisions you have to make about your daily activity: take the vitamin even though it makes you feel sick? Color your hair? Have a glass of wine here or there? I looked at it this way...if anything were to happen, I didn't want look back and be able to point to anything I would regret. So no wine, no color, took the vitamin, skipped the hot tub....

This is the same, only it's not our unborn child, it's everyone. We hold each others' lives in our hands. Even our President, who called this a hoax, soberly informed the nation that the death toll could reach over 200,o00. I usually feel as if "they" give us only the barest snippets of the real big picture that is known. That scares me.

We all must to start looking after each other better, including mental health and wellness. We hold each others' lives in our hands.

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