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Day 25

There are so many good things in the world, and right here in my own back yard. Literally. I'm only going to write positive things today. I feel like I have to in order to keep the darkness at bay.

It's Palm Sunday today. Not being at church feels so foreign. Knowing we won't be there for Easter even more so.

In addition to Matt and Lex, Andrew is here this weekend. He's been with his mom this whole time and they haven't been out, so we thought it safe. I hope it was the right decision, it's so hard to know, so hard to judge these things.

Yesterday we had a great time here. After everyone was finally out of their cave, we did some chores and decided to make a fire in our fire pit. It's near our creek, so it was the first time this year that Spresso went for a bubble hunt. He loves splashing around in the water, but his sister Chicka prefers to just watch. We explored to creek and how it has changed over the winter.

The fire was roaring and it was the perfect weather for it. Sunny but cool, and for a change the wind was quiet. We reduced a sizeable pile of wood (and some wood items- goodbye wooden ladder that Scott fell from) to ash.

Having five of us around the fire with the dogs was wonderful. It felt so casual and in the moment. Usually when we do a fire I have a hundred things in the back of my mind, thinking about the week ahead or unwinding from the week behind, thinking about the things I need to inside, or making dinner, or cleaning up from dinner.... yesterday there was nothing to do but enjoy it. It was a wonderful reminder of what "in the moment" actually means.

Alexa whipped up an impromptu batch of our favorite beverage to round out the afternoon, then the kids made dinner, which was epic. As they worked they kept a barrage of dialogue going from Napoleon Dynamite and Borat, two movies we watched this weekend. It was hilarious. Getting outside is definitely the ticket.

Later in the evening we did a Zoom family meeting with Lauren and Christopher in Ohio, and Christina and Craig in New Jersey. We are still planning a June 27 wedding as if it will happen, and will adjust on the fly if needed. It's all we can do.

Chris Cuomo is a reporter on a news station His brother Andrew is the governor of New York, and their father was Mario Cuomo, long time former governor of same. Andrew has been on the news constantly leading his state through this, and Christopher has come down with "it". Hearing him talk about it, while tough because it sounds horrible, is comforting to me. He is so positive and makes me feel like it's not a death sentence, even though it is for so many. He puts a face on getting through it with light at the end of the tunnel. They're also really funny as brothers when they hit the air together.

Hoping to focus in the moment, and on the positive even more today. The day is young. The leaves are poking out of the trees. We can do this.

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