• A vist to old life!

Day 27

I don't want to brag, but today I woke up, took a shower, put on make-up, got dressed into real clothes INCLUDING shoes AND jewelry....participated in my first Zoom, then, are you ready? I left the house. That's right. Out of the house in my CAR!

Our school buildings are 100% closing and I needed a few things from one of my schools. What is sometimes a dreaded commute was lovely, not to mention that one of the Starbucks drive-throughs on they way was open!

The streets close to school seemed a little different, and the building.... It has been at least 21 years since I have been away from a school building for this long, so stepping in the door was a slice of normal that sat so happily in my brain...even though I was gloved and masked.

While it still had the same familiar smell, the work carefully put up in the halls at the beginning of March has curled up. The bulletin boards are outdated, and the rooms cleaned and closed.

After pulling some stories for my evening live story, I closed up, then drove around the town for a little bit. Even though it was drizzling I was hoping to see someone outside. I called one of our teachers and she waved out her front door. So nice to see a real face!

After returning home and sitting in with a few Zooms, I'm still sitting outside, and it feels wonderful. The leaves on the trees have just sprouted and should fill the woods soon.

It's so nice to avoid the news for a few hours. Things are so dire in so many places. Each country seems to be sending different messages, with second waves hitting places now. The number of cases grown by about 100K per day and the US has over 10,000 deaths at this point.

Every day, people with fabulous stories.

Families devastated, with no one able to grieve in person with them.

Today I passed a funeral procession of one.

So lonely and sad.

Things here are good, though. We tackle a small house/house-related project every other day or so. It's settled into a nice, familiar routine. It will be nice to return to real life at some point, but these days are actually lovely for the most part. That may be an unpopular opinion, and it sometimes changes in my own head by the hour, but today that's where I am.

I hope each of you are healthy and finding a sense of normal among the crazy.

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