• New level of OK.

Day 34


I'd like to talk about my "selfness" from not much more than a month ago.

I've been seeing a guy named Angel. He does my hair. Nicely.

There's a girl I see about some eyelashes.

And some friends about toes and nails.

A facial here and there.

Tonight I recorded my 20+something episode of Story Time on Twitter. Friends. I've posted a pic of myself above. Willingly. I read my story tonight with some baking remnants on my shirt. There is a good inch of grey coming in on my roots. My nails are a wreck. I'm really not wearing make-up. And I didn't even think about it until I started to watch it. And I'm ok with it.

Maybe this quarantine is making us just be ok with our basic,

who we are under all of that,


With no one to primp or pretty us, we just have to be ok.

It's taken awhile to settle into the groove of things, but this whole staying at home life has settled into a rhythm that is more than ok. Again, it's been an entire 30 minutes since I started that though, so it's bound to wrap itself up and take a turn before long.

But right now, in this house, at this moment, we are making things ok in our own little world, while "out there" almost 2 million people have been sickened by Corona, and over 125,000 have died. 125,000 in just over 100 days.

Today they are talking about having to social distance until 2022. It's a lot to take in. So we keep it out as much as we can. We cook and bake together, we accept each other and ourselves at the core. We take each day as it comes and stay in the moment.

It's making the best of the worst. Accepting the roots. Ditching the nail polish. And just being. It's a time I hope we will never forget.

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