• Gloomy flip turn

Day 35

Have you noticed how stinking fast your whole attitude toward "this" can turn on a dime? Last night I was in a great place.

This morning?

I feel like this is never going to end.

Different countries are doing different things.

The President pulled our funding from the World Health Organization.

A vaccine is at least a year out, and even then we don't know the effectiveness, the number of people who will be vaccinated...

People are talking about what school will need to look like. People outside of schools of course. Start times will need to be staggered, students will need to be socially distanced at lunch and in classrooms.

If you read this blog you are likely connected in some way to education. Picture social distancing in the following scenarios:

On the playground.

On the bus.

At lunch.

In gym.

In a classroom.

Anyone trying to picture that with kindergarten?

I feel a sense of doom. Like human connection outside of our homes is going to go away for a very long time.

I'm mad at world leaders.

I'm mad for the kids who are missing out on so many things. Not just this year, but looking into next year. Personally, for my daughter who is missing her internship in NYC and the ones over the summer. For her senior year in college next year. For my goddaughter who is a senior in high school. For all my kids in both of my schools whose hearts are so sad about what they are missing.

And yes, I know we have to do this.

I know the importance. But the cloud of doom and gloom settled over me somewhere in the night, and this morning, despite the sunshine outside, it's all I can see.

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