• Avoidance

Day 44

It's been a week since I have written.

I thought about writing, I did. For about 9 seconds. Then the concept of possibly having to reflect was too much.

Over the past week it was easiest for me to just put my head down and plow through things. Slowly at first and then with a fervor. When I got lost in my head I tried to let it be that free-flow gibberish and not, "I wonder" or "what if".

Some things going on here:

It's been a chilly and rainy spring. The leaves haven't come out yet and I am so looking forward to warmer weather.

My closet was feeling overwhelming, so I worked through it and removed most of the dressy and cold weather clothes I know I won't be wearing for the next four months. Now I have a great assortment of leggings, jeans, tops and casual skirts and dresses. The spare room closet is kind of stacked, but I hope it will be fun to go shopping there when things go back to..........saying normal seems too much of a stretch. Something other than "this".

Last week a recipe exchange was going around. We tried some of the recipes this week, which occupied our minds and gave us some new cooking ideas (hello Dutch Baby).

Alexa has been painting. The guys have been playing duets. We are all finding ways to get through our day without just sitting, vegging, or digitally dulling.

The pets? The pets are somewhat out of sort. Their daily nap routines have been significantly disrupted. Not a big deal for younger animals, but our dogs are 13. They are getting more walks and petting, though! We found out that Spresso, our Borkie, has Lyme Disease. He's on antibiotics now, so I hope they help him feel better. We attributed some developing behaviors to aging including more frequent barking and whining.

Things we know now (and that I am okay writing about now that I started):

* Masks are required when we go to any establishment, and even outside if we cannot be at least six feet away from others.

* There are 2.7 million diagnosed cases and 192,000 deaths worldwide. In the US we have 870,000 diagnosed cases, and today are projected to hit 50,000 deaths.

* Unemployment has skyrocketed to 23%.

* Businesses are going under by the hundreds.

* Medical leaders are saying that we are in the second inning of a long game. Dire projections of a second, worse wave are causing us to look ahead differently.

* Supply chain issues with food are causing things to be scarce and/or expensive. Flour, yeast, paper products are all hard to find. Red meat is expensive and pork products will be, since many plants have had to close due to illness.

* Yesterday, the President of the United States suggested that strong light or the use of disinfectants in and on the body should be researched as a cure.

* Recent research indicates the virus has been in the US since January. In January, after being in NYC, I was more sick than I have been in decades. High fever, terrible body aches, shortness of breath, stomach issues. I so wonder.... Antibody tests are being developed along with the elusive vaccine.

Going beyond thoughts and prayers.... I am truly dwelling on the well-being of others, spending time in prayer for each of you, and wishing you the best of this hard situation.

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