• Jennifer Meliton

Day 363-one year later.

Last year I wrote about the CoVid19 Pandemic as it emerged. Keeping up with posts became daunting. It was so hard to continually acknowledge the global chaos while enduring the personal stillness. Now that we can look back with 2020 vision, I want to look back at what we were thinking at the time.

It was Wednesday, March 11 when things started to shut down with fervor that the anxiety truly set in. I wrote, "Things are very tense. There are rumors, speculation, theories, and opinions, and CoVid19 is the topic of every discussion. Right now the biggest question on the table is whether or not schools will close, and for how long. Teachers are thinking about it. Preparing without knowing what they are preparing for, and doing everything they can to keep things as normal as possible for the kids." Preparing without knowing what we were preparing for. Remember that feeling?

"I'm much more curious than scared right now. I'm definitely concerned knowing that the mortality rate is so high, and that it hits the elderly population so hard. My parents are 85 and 86 so I need them to be protected. I need my kids and teachers and their families to be protected." This was before there was even one case in Pennsylvania. One. Today there have been over 958,o00 here in PA and today we will reach 24,500 deaths. Thank God we didn't know then what we knew now because it would have been unfathomable.

Also from the entry: "Wonderings: There is a Johns Hopkins site that was being updated every few hours with real-time numbers that hasn't been updated since this morning. Why is that? The reported number of tests out there is startling low. What is that? I wonder when the curve will flatten out and this will start to fade out. I wonder what the financial impact will be, as the stock market has been tanking. What will things look like 3,6,12 months from now?"

I knew it would be interesting to look back at how we were feeling, but didn't realize how different it would actually be one year later.

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