• Jennifer Meliton


Last year at almost this exact time I made a post about a new pandemic. At the time I wrote it the pandemic had not been declared "global" and we had not yet learned what would happen at school.

We forget what we didn't know at the time.

We forget how scary it was that CoVid was in half a dozen states.

Right now we look back and marvel that it has been a year. Can you imagine if we knew then what we know now? I'm not sure our minds could have comprehended the numbers of people who would get sick or die; how long we would be isolated from our friends and family; how much we would have to learn and eventually, how much it would be better to forget.

The first lesson learned from looking back is how easily we forget. It's so important that we continue to ride out the safety measures in place so that this can finally, blessedly, come to an end.

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